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The Sights and Voices of Dispossession: The Fight for the Land and the Emerging Culture of the MST (The Movement of the Landless Rural Workers of Brazil)


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A chat about us
(This album is the fruit of a dream sown many moons ago. They are songs inspired by the stories of my parents, the cantorias, the grass-cutting rituals, the merrymaking.)

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1 A bumpkin in the São Paulo metro
2 The smell of rice powder
3 On the look of the new moon
4 Only if it never happens again
5 Song of return
6 On the tracks of saudade
7 Laments and dreams (1)
8 Where am I going to?
9 Local customs
10 Brilliantine and fragrance
11 My own sertão
12 While the guitar enchants
13 Song of the stolen girl
14 Brazil's heart

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November 2002

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