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The Sights and Voices of Dispossession: The Fight for the Land and the Emerging Culture of the MST (The Movement of the Landless Rural Workers of Brazil)


Support and Funding
This project has been supported and funded by the University of Nottingham: The School of Modern Languages; Information Services; The Faculty of Arts (through the Dean’s Fund); Department of Hispanic and Latin American Studies. Further support from: The Postgraduate School of Critical Theory and Cultural Studies; Humanities Research Centre.

Contributors in Different Countries: Else R P Vieira (Director of Project in the UK and Brazil); Bernardo Mançano Fernandes (Contributor and Director of the Nucleus for Studies, Research and Projects on Agrarian Reform of the State University of São Paulo/ UNESP at Presidente Prudente, Brazil); Malcolm McNee (Contributor from the University of Minnesota, US).

Web Site
Designed and produced by John Walsh in collaboration with the University of Nottingham’s Information Services: IT-Systems’ Research Databases Group (Graham Watson, Sze Yeung and Richard Tyler-Jones); video and audio streaming hosted by the Media Centre.

Academic Editor: Else R P Vieira

Translation, editorial assistance and proofreading
Translation into English (as indicated with each resource): Bernard McGuirk, Thomas Burns, Malcolm McNee, Jane Kerrigan, Else R P Vieira. Translation into Portuguese (as indicated with each resource): Adriana Rouanet, Else R P Vieira. Editorial Assistance and Proofreading: Jane-Marie Collins, Catherine McGuirk, Richard Spurr, Shelley Rigby, Sávio Grossi, Marco Antônio Durães, Mariana Alves, Rinaldo Soares de Souza.

The Project Director & Academic Editor expresses her personal and warmest thanks to the following:
To those at the University of Nottingham whose invaluable and constant support and assistance made the research project and the web dissemination of the archives possible: Nick Hewitt for his sure-handed guidance and support of the Project; Mark Millington for his invaluable advice and material support; Bernard McGuirk for his intellectual acumen, deep knowledge of poetics and unflagging daily commitment to the project; John Walsh for his inestimable input into an innovative web organization of cultural resources through competent, inspired creativity and constant dialogue.
To my present colleagues at Queen Mary, University of London, who welcomed me into their stimulating conviviality as I was finalizing this project.
To the one whose images of an absent Terra inspired and mirror themselves in this project: Sebastião Salgado.
To the one whose compelling voice for a more human Brazilian Terra resonates in this project: Haroldo de Campos.
To the MST National Directorate and offices throughout Brazil whose generosity traverses the various sections of this web archive.
To those whose generously offered voices of long-lived incursions into landlessness and dispossession in Brazil made this project viable: Frei Betto; Plínio Arruda Sampaio; Hamilton Pereira; Sávio Bones; Fernanda L. de Carvalho; Elba Ribeiro Pires.
To those whose collaboration was crucial in the strenuous collection of voices and images of landlessness throughout Brazil: Bernardo Mançano Fernandes; Malcolm McNee; Zé Pinto; Zenaide Busanello; Letícia Barqueta; Araci Cachoeira; Charles Trocate; Maria do Socorro Lisboa.
To the ones who daily helped me with the unforeseen difficulties on the two sides of the Atlantic: Hazel Spurr; Richard Spurr; Marco Antônio Durães; Hernane Batista.
To the one whose talent in English helped me with the demands of expression in a foreign language: Catherine McGuirk.
To the one who has provided me with technical assistance in Brazil and designed publicity material for the project: Bernardo Duarte.

Else R P Vieira
January 2003

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